YouTube stars encouraging children to eat more unhealthy food, study suggests

Social media stars could be encouraging youngsters to eat more unhealthy food and drink, a new study suggests.

Research found that children who watch popular vloggers end up indulging in more fatty and sugary foods.

In turn, kids influenced by famous YouTubers consume 26 per cent more calories than those who don’t tune in, the Liverpool University report said.

The study was presented this month at the European Congress on Obesity in Austria.

The findings come as the government continues to come under fire from celebrity chefs who want to see junk food advertising banned.

Researchers used social media celebs Zoella (10.9 million followers), and Alfie Dyes (4.6 million followers) to analyse children’s behaviour.

For the study, 176 kids were split into three groups and each shown pictures of Zoella and Alfie promoting either unhealthy food, healthy food, or non-food products.

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