Verizon Wants To Sell App Installations On Your Phone To Advertisers

Laura Northrup

Space on your Android phone is for sale, if you’re a Verizon customer, and according to ad agency executives who have worked on such deals. Verizon activates an estimated 20 million new Android phones every year, so even a small amount per installation could add up for the mobile company, assuming that customers would tolerate it. Would they?

AdAge shared this information based on discussions with advertising executives, who weren’t identified for obvious reasons. Verizon reportedly began shopping the idea around in late 2015, but wouldn’t comment on whether any brands took them up on it.

The price being offered was about $1 or $2 per customer, which is apparently a good price compared to other programs that pay people to install apps. Only Android users’ phones were for sale, since Apple exerts more control over what can be installed on their phones.

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