This Pharmacy Ad Suggests “Very, Very Strong Antibiotics” Even When They Won’t Do Any Good

Chris Morran

When you’re sick, it makes sense that you want a pill to just make all the symptoms go away, which is probably why some doctors continue to prescribe antibiotics even when they aren’t necessary and may, in fact, cause harm. It probably doesn’t help when a pharmacy perpetuates the myth that we should just take antibiotics whenever we might be sick.

Journalist Felix Salmon spotted this subway ad for New York City-based Capsule Pharmacy, which hand-delivers prescription drugs in NYC:

For the record, the ad states, “Someone sneezed? It’s OK, we’ll be right over with some very, very strong antibiotics.”

The problem is, as many people have pointed out, a sneeze — let alone someone else’s sneeze — is not an indication of something you should treat with antibiotics.

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