No Surprise Here: Research Shows Some Junk Food Ads Disproportionately Target Black Children

Lauren Porter

Some fast food advertisers target Black children when trying to market their products, but a recent study shows just how disproportionate that marketing can be.

According to 2015 research from the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obsiety, 50% of African-American adolescents see more unhealthy food and drink ads than their white counterparts. Yikes.

The study uncovers that when advertising for some fast food companies, marketers target programs with a greater spike in Black viewership to expose consumers to their product.

That’s right, TV shows with a larger audience of African-American viewers are fed more junk food advertising.

“In 2012, Black youth also viewed considerably more food ads compared with white youth of the same age: black preschoolers and adolescents saw 64% more ads, and black children saw 49% more ads,” the study detailed. “Notably, black preschoolers saw approximately two more food ads daily than did white adolescents.”

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