NFL execs are considering cutting back the number of ads in games — as ratings tank

Business Insider
Nathan McAlone

The NFL’s ratings have been kicked in the teeth this year, with primetime slots seeing double-digit drops in viewership.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has blamed the falloff on a few external factors, including the election. “Cyclical” was the word Goodell used to describe the ratings dip when speaking on Thursday, at The New York Times’ Dealbook conference.

But it also seems that the NFL might recognize that it needs to change something internally.

Here’s an indication: The league is considering cutting down the amount of commercials in its broadcasts.

“We want to take as much what we call dead time, non-action, out of the game, so that we can make the game more exciting,” Goodell said, according to The Times. How? One of the big ideas to improve that Goodell put forth was decreasing the number of ads and changing up the way they appear.

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