L’Oréal Is Letting Snapchat Users Apply Colorful Lipstick to Their Selfies for Valentine’s Day

Lauren Johnson

If you use Snapchat’s popular lenses today, chances are you’ll see an ad for L’Oréal Paris.

The brand created a custom graphic for Valentine’s Day to promote its Infallible lipsticks. L’Oréal’s animated lens applies a bright lipstick to users’ videos, flipping through a handful of colors. The lens overlays a graphic of eyeliner on snaps, too.

The campaign is the third time L’Oréal has created a sponsored lens. The brand ran a similar campaign last June.

“We are excited to build on our leadership in digital innovation to include a lens that is truly interactive, and that prompts subsequent sharing and engagement,” said Kristen Comings, vp of integrated consumer communications at L’Oréal Paris in a statement. “The lens was specifically designed to be inclusive so that everyone can take part—whether sending to a significant other, family member or a friend.”

Snapchat has been pitching its lenses, which use augmented-reality technology to animate photos and videos, for about 15 months, since 20th Century Fox bought the first ad promoting its Peanuts Movie in October 2015.

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