Lactation expert Mohrbacher says New Mommy blogger violated her publicity rights in tussle over podcasts

Cook County Record
Scott Holland

A high-profile lactation consultant is accusing a California blogger of infringing her intellectual property and publicity rights in a federal lawsuit filed in Chicago, alleging the blogger wronged her in response to the lactation expert’s request to no longer associate with the blogger following the blogger’s decision to associate with infant feeding products the lactation expert did not support.

Nancy Mohrbacher, and her Illinois-based Nancy Mohrbacher Solutions, has asked the court to award at least $75,000 in a complaint she filed June 16, accusing blogger Sunny Gault, of New Mommy Media, of using Mohrbacher’s identity without permission to promote her own “financial interests and commercial activities in the context of issues pertaining to parenting and early childhood development.”

The eight-count lawsuit includes claims for violation of the right to publicity, invasion of privacy by appropriation, invasion of privacy by false light, false association or endorsement, deceptive business practices, unfair competition and copyright infringement.

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