Facebook critics file FTC complaint over breach of 30 million accounts

The Verge
Colin Lecher

A coalition of Facebook critics has filed a complaint against the company with the Federal Trade Commission, asking the agency to investigate this year’s breach of 30 million user accounts.

In September, the company first announced that 50 million users had their accounts improperly accessed because of a flaw in a Facebook feature, but it later revised the figure down. The company said hackers accessed data ranging from basic contact information to more sensitive information, like demographics and recent searches.

The complaint was filed today by the Freedom From Facebook Coalition, which has pushed for the breakup of the company.

“Facebook, Inc. is a serial privacy violator that cannot be trusted,” the complaint reads. “It has grown too big and its products have become too integrated and too complex to manage. Not only can we no longer trust Facebook, Inc. to manage its system safely, the corporation no longer has the capacity to do so effectively.”

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