Oct. 25, 2017

Elimination of Alcohol Ads From New York City Public Transit System Is a Win for Public Health

Statement of Kristen Strader, Campaign Coordinator, Public Citizen’s Commercial Alert

Note: Today, New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board of Directors voted to eliminate alcohol advertisements from the public transportation system. The vote was the culmination of a four-year campaign led by the Building Alcohol Ad-Free Transit (BAAFT) coalition, which was endorsed by more than 160 organizations throughout New York City.

The MTA’s decision to eliminate alcohol ads is a win for public health and health equity.

No longer will alcohol companies be permitted to use New York City’s public transportation system to disproportionately target low-income communities and communities of color with aggressive alcohol advertising. No longer will alcohol companies hold New York City children as a captive audience in subway cars and buses while they are commuting to and from school.

Grassroots activists from across the city, and national organizations like Public Citizen, demanded that health and equity be the priority, and the MTA board listened. Other cities in the United States should follow New York City’s example and put public health before alcohol industry profits.


Originally posted: https://www.citizen.org/media/press-releases/elimination-alcohol-ads-new-york-city-public-transit-system-win-public-health