To rid the nation’s schools of corporate marketers, junk food peddlers, and market researchers, and to banish their influence upon textbooks and curricula.

Corporations have seized upon K-12 schools as a way to corral a captive audience of impressionable children for the purpose of advertising and market research. We work to expel them from schools across the country.

Schools exist to teach children how to read, write and think – not to shop.

On college campuses, corporations prey upon students by enlisting them as participants in their marketing strategies, hiring them as “brand ambassadors,” who pitch products to their peers. Campuses are increasingly emblazoned with corporate logos and filled with buildings bearing the names of deep-pocketed corporate donors. Campuses should be spaces reserved for critical thinking and open debate. We fight to keep corporations from overtaking a crucial site for citizens to question the status quo and develop their minds.