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Sign the Petition: Infant Formula Companies Must Stop Putting Profits Before Health

Recent reports have exposed what we have known for years — the infant formula industry influences global health policies to undermine breastfeeding and rake in more profit.

It’s past time to put infant and parental health before corporate profits.



alcohol petition metroSign the Petition: National Parks Should Not be Billboards for Corporate Advertising

A new policy proposed by the National Park Service directs parks to actively seek donations from corporate vendors, liberalizes rules on “donor recognition,” drops the current policy that parks must be free of commercialism, and lifts various restrictions on naming rights in parks.



petition doctorsSign the Petition: Tell Infant Formula Makers to Stop Using Hospitals as Marketing Tools

Healthcare facilities shouldn’t market commercial products. Yet infant formula companies have coopted many hospitals and healthcare providers to market their products.



infantFormulaSign the Pledge: Keep Infant Formula Marketing Out of Offices and Clinics

By pledging to keep their offices free of infant formula marketing materials, healthcare providers can do what is best for their patients’ health and avoid unwittingly serving as formula marketers.




No Alcohol ads when kids are watchingAdd Your Name: No Alcohol Ads When Kids are Watching

The alcohol industry has long opposed government regulation of its advertising — by insisting that it can be trusted to regulate itself.
But research proves that the industry is NOT sufficiently regulating itself.



alcohol petition metroAdd Your Name: No Alcohol Ads on Metro Trains and Buses

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has reversed a policy that kept alcohol ads out of Metro for 20 years.
Tens of thousands of students ride Metro to and from school every day. And we know that the more alcohol ads kids see, the more likely they are to drink.