Community group pushes MTA to ban booze ads on subways and buses

New York Daily News
Dan Rivoli

Subways and buses reek of booze ads that are poisonous for kids to see, Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Queens) and community health groups said Wednesday, in an effort to ban alcohol spots in the transit system.

Dromm and members of the Building Alcohol Ad-Free Transit coalition said booze makers are targeting communities of color with the ads.

They pointed to a March study which showed that northbound passengers — particularly ones traveling through the Bronx — are exposed to many more ads for alcohol, or which depict people drinking.

“We should not encourage our children to drink,” said Kavitha Das, board member of the Public Health Association of NYC, who said that the ads make boozing “glamorous, make drinking fun, make it very acceptable.”

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