Commercialism in Schools

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Commercialism in Schools

As school districts across the country grapple with slashed state education budgets, many are seeking alternative revenue streams. Lured by corporations eager to target an attractive youth market and ad agencies interested in profiting off of the commercialization of our education system, schools are increasingly allowing commercial advertising on their campuses.

These advertising programs often pitch unhealthy products to impressionable students, while promoting market rather than civic values.

Allowing advertising in schools promotes the exploitation of children and hinders schools from achieving their educational and child development mission. Corporate advertisers advance values that run counter to those schools stand for. Education should empower students to think critically and independently and to develop intellectual curiosity.

Have you seen examples of commercial advertising on school properties in your community? Send us your pictures and we’ll add them to our gallery!

Is your local school district considering allowing commercial advertising? Want to intervene before it’s too late? Email us for help or call us at (202) 588-7785.

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