Captain Morgan TV ad scuppered for implying alcohol can boost confidence

The Guardian
Mark Sweney

A TV ad for Captain Morgan rum featuring a raucous boat party has been banned for implying alcohol can make you more confident.

The TV ad featured a party on a sailing ship with a fun-loving man who has the face of the Captain Morgan pirate logo that adorns the rum’s bottles superimposed over his own.

The man is seen dancing with friends to Chic’s Le Freak, upending a sofa and swinging on a rope from deck to deck with text saying “Captain the dance floor”, “Captain the night” and “Put your Captain face on”.

The ad ended with a shot of the Captain Morgan product range and the line “Live like the Captain”.

The Advertising Standards Authority received complaints from Alcohol Concern and a member of the public that the TV ad was irresponsible because it implied that drinking alcohol could contribute to an individual’s popularity or confidence.

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