Allergy-proof? Intelligence booster? FDA looks to rein in health claims for baby formula

Sheila Kaplan

If you’ve ever seen the astonishing array of infant formula sold in supermarkets, you might wonder if the stuff can really make your baby smarter, allergy-proof, or less colicky, as advertised.

The Food and Drug Administration wonders the same thing.

On Thursday, the FDA suggested that the $3 billion infant formula industry consider proving its claims before selling the products.
In an unusual move, the agency served up a set of scientific standards for infant formula manufacturers to meet, before touting their products for treatment or prevention of certain medical conditions.

This draft proposal suggests that manufacturers conduct research trials and otherwise gather evidence to back assertions of how their products actually function in a baby’s body. Manufacturers and others have 60 days to comment, before the agency adopts a final guideline.

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