Alcohol companies fail to follow their own ad rules during the 2017 Super Bowl

Medical Press
Jonathan Noel And Thomas Babor

Alcohol companies used controversial marketing tactics in their 2017 Super Bowl commercials, including the use of animals that are attractive to children and party themes found to influence underage drinking.

In our view, the ads seemed far out of compliance with the voluntary marketing codes, in place since the 1990s, that these companies have vowed to follow. This is consistent with our previous research finding that, in general, the alcohol industry does not comply with voluntary marketing codes and has consistently used content that is likely appealing to youth, specifically young men.

These codes, which are created and enforced by the alcohol and advertising industries, limit the audiences to which the ads can be shown and what the ads can say about the product. Content that is primarily appealing to minors is prohibited.

One reason these ads are so appealing to children and adolescents is because the ads arouse positive emotions, which in turn increases the likelihood an ad will be remembered and influence alcohol use.

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